Will the Vatican Become the Openminded Religion of the Future?


An interesting chapter in the larger UAP study revolves around the Vatican. In ‘Castle Gandolfo’, a small town near near Rome, lies the papal summer residence. It is interesting to BUFON Transology for the very reason that on this location the Vatican astronomers have studied the heavens for decades. On the roof of this 17th century castle are two domes holding telescopes the Vatican scientists have been using since the 1930s. Their most powerful telescopes are stationed at Mount Graham (Arizona) but in ‘Castle Gandolfo’ the Vatican headquarters for space-study is stationed.

It is here that Chief Vatican Astronomer, Father José Gabriel Funes, opened a debate regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life by explaining that intelligent life could be evolved on other planets in the universe just as it did on Earth. This was quite a shock for some of the church’s faithful believers but a very well devised plan for the ancient order.

Chief Vatican Astronomer, Father José Gabriel Funes

The Vatican states through Father Funes that the existence of alien life does not contradict with the catholic faith and furthermore explains why? Simply put, a ll life in the universe is a creation of God. That is the statement they need to transform, read adapt to coming Disclosure, and thus transform their religion in the one global faith to come. A bolt undertaking that is nothing short of reprogramming their attitude to overcome or survive the coming storm of revelation. BUFON Transology understands that these statements are signs that the global Disclosure on extraterrestrial presence is close. With global Disclosure of course we refer to the fact that one day everybody will take extraterrestrial life for granted. It will even be educated in schools.

Top officials in the Vatican did not comment on Father Funes his statement. That is also part of the plan and brings this right next to the position of the US Pentagon with their AATIP Disclosure. No active insider with a top position there told us directly about the coming truth regarding the alien presence either. The story reached us through a commercial company TTSA where an ex-employee, Luis Elizondo, told us about the secret 22 million program that studied UFOs. It is safe to anticipate that the Vatican is part of a larger plan.

Are we actually seeing the first steps into a larger plan about unification on all aspects of human civilization leading up to one global government? A most interesting question indeed and although not based on firm facts we should at least try put it in the equation. The interesting aspect regarding to the Vatican astronomy project, better phrased as an extraterrestrial monitoring project, is that it doesn’t have to rely on a year to year funding which makes it possible to work deeper and larger because the research has been assured for a long-term period.


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