Will the First Global Extraterrestrial Contact be A False Flag?


Space is momentarily becoming a stage for the next form of warfare. Space Wars! Or should we say Star Wars? Perhaps too far fetched? Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen thinks otherwise.

“By studying the UAP files and keeping a close watch together with influential members of the global UAP network I can only say that the entire human economy will shift into a space economy. That’s where the big money will be. That’s where the new interest will be.”

Air Force chief of staff Gen. David Goldfein gives a talk about innovation during the Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium in February. “We must expect that war of any kind will extend into space in any future conflict, and we have to change the way we think and prepare for that eventuality.” | Wayne A. Clark/U.S. Air Force

At this point all things in the media related to space are created to look like things of exploration and science but that is not close to what’s all about. Space is a lucrative business getting itself ready to become the next investment referred to as ‘weaponizing space’. We’re talking cyber attacks to disrupt services, jamming GPS satellite or temporarily blinding sensors with laser beams.

The pinnacle of weaponizing space can be a very disturbing one for UAP investigators. As we are currently speeding up in terms of media coverage, dealing with the Pentagon’s information on unidentified aerial phenomena, a new twist can be in the works. As the masses are slowly adapting to the truth about the extraterrestrial presence by drip-feeding the truth about these mystical UAP’s they can also be explained in a nummer of ways. Some of these might be to misguide the unsuspected people. There is that reality of a false extraterrestrial attack. This could be a trick to deceive the majority of people into thinking that we are a victim to an interstellar agressor in order to have us form a one global government. This emergency would call for a strong united military front to repel the supposed extraterrestrial assault. The emergency powers granted to the one world government will then stay in place long after the ‘conflict’ has been handled. This is all a big ‘what if’ of course.

The Trump administration’s latest budget request seeks $12.5 billion for military space efforts — not including secret projects. This is not a small amount for something trivial. Space is definitely on the program for having some serious military action. The entire global military industrial complex effort has set its focus on the stars. The main problem in space warfare is the jamming of GPS signals. The Pentagon is also making new investments in technologies that allow the military to track, in real time, all space assets and ensure that the two dozen military communications satellites rely on an advanced frequency that cannot be jammed.

We must expect that war of any kind will extend into space in any future conflict, and we have to change the way we think and prepare for that eventuality. Space warfare is a priority but to what end is another question entirely.


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