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What Do We Know About Crop Circles! Part 5


After we’ve determined that the Circle formation is not of human origin we still have the big question remaining … what does it all mean? The positive side of it is that we have some answers but unfortunately not a complete or definitive one. Transology urges both the curious and the seasond investigators to take responsability in this. Like with so many elements in ufology the more answers you collect the more you realise you are in the dark. With this said and done what do we know about the circles? There are two distinctive discoveries that can be seen taken as true although they might seem odd to do so. (1) If you stay put in a circle for a considerable amount of time (could be days) then something will most certainly happen. You will get a visiter. Most of the time they are in the form of an orb which in itself is a device that creates contact at this point. It’s therefore safe to say that the extraterrestrials are interested in people who notice the circle. The reason why this could be interesting is because an important work can be done inside these temporary temples. Which brings us to the following point. (2) Standing in a Crop Circle, or in a lesser degree studying a picture of one, can start a process within your DNA where the energetic geometry of the formation interacts with your genes and possibly unlock dormant programs. Again a new question then emerges. Could it be that people who connect within the circle are considered possible contactees or ambassadors by the observing extraterrestrials?


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