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What do We Know About Crop Circles! Part 2


There is absolutely no doubt about it … Crop Circles are genuine. At least most of them. It’s also very easy to spot fake ones in the field. With ‘fake’ we mean those that are created by hoaxers (like the famous Doug and Dave duo) that use the famous rope and a wooden plank technique. Our team has seen a considerable amount of Circles over the years since we started studying them in Wiltshire UK. The phenomenon is real when there is no sign of hoaxers leaving a trail of damaged plants inside the circle. Circles that are formed without human intervention have been created by a sudden heat source (300°Celsius/573 Kelvin) whereby the plants inside are simply bent into position. They are therefore not bent or broken. Hoaxers have more things against them then the conventional vandalism. Making a fake circle in Wiltshire at night proves to be a very difficult undertaking. There are always skywatchers on the lookout and then there’s the constant surveillance of the army. Our team is constantly disturbed by helicopters during our night watches. We can only imagine that a group of hoaxers with flashlights is easily spotted and unmasked. To be continued …


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