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06/06/2019 (Belgium) The BUFON group activated a new skywatch session in the woods. Our team was enhanced with two additional lightworkers, Raymond Herfkens (NL) and Kevin Matthijs (BE). As soon as we arrived Kevin went to work and searched by means of dowsing rods for an energetic spot. The rods kept spinning and we understood that this was the best place to set up camp and gear.

Bart Uytterhaegen started the session by releasing new international developments on the UAP-issue. The team was advised to stay focused on how we can set an all-out example towards the ‘visitors’. It is therefore important to keep coming together in groups while sharing loving and peaceful relations with one another. Bart explained that this in itself is the true signal that both activates others to do the same. It is a well known fact that the ETs observe and test humanity to see if a critical mass steers away from things like corruption, competition and selfishness. Skywatch groups around the world, as Bart anticipates, will be a crucial factor in this process.

The group was then introduced to a medieval celtic song by which a circle was formed and words of protection were spoken.

Co-worker Inge De smedt ignited a very stimulating skywatch procedure. The group was merged into an energetic movement session. Our bodies moved as one and you could feel the energy buzzing all around us. We were set for contact! After a short break Inge started a Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) where we meditated while standing up and looking at the moon. This was a beautiful moment as the stars were slowly becoming visible above us.

There was no gear, walkie talkies, trifield and radar detection that gave us a peep but we felt that there was connection and yes we were rewarded afterwards with a huge sighting. Bart Bateman drove home and saw a large green orb-like structure falling from the sky. After which an owl was flying directly towards the car. No doubt the animal was attracted to the electromagnetic signal from the ‘visitor’. In the morning Bart was contacted by Kevin Matthijs who saw the same green light overhead. He explained that this was like special fireworks in the night. Another party with coworker Randell Sarneel (NL) also spotted an owl flying over upon driving home. Something was observing our team members after contact! A breathtaking story!


Nick Pope reviews Bart Uytterhaegen!

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