Are we programmed to think we’re alone?


The Drake equation, a mathematical formula for the probability of finding life or advanced civilizations in the universe. Credit: University of Rochester. In 1961, astrophysicist Frank Drake developed an equation to estimate the number of advanced civilizations likely to exist in the Milky Way galaxy. So far for the official story …

Bart Uytterhaegen elaborates that inside the international UAP-network the equation is never really in play.

The Drake equation was basically a creation for SETI, another silly effort to investigate ET’s. The mathematical formula was probably never in play. SETI never researched extraterrestrial life in the first place! SETI for all intents and purposes was a money fundraising mechanism that only parked the extraterrestrial question.

According to Bart Uytterhaegen the equation was devised to deviate our scientific interest in ET’s for decades. It looks ‘the works’ with its very own ‘Einstein-like’ styled formula but isn’t really practical. The Drake equation at best only looks at the possibilities of life elsewhere if that life resembles our own conditions.

The official UAP-investigation has always been in hands of the military industrial complex (MIC), which means the Pentagon, DoD, NSA, NASA, DARPA, intelligence and the reverse engineering companies such as Lockheed Martin. They made it their business to learn and know about UAP’s and the Extraterrestrial hypothesis behind it. The Drake equation, although cleverly devised, looks more like a small teaser for the public. In many ways it’s on par with project Blue Book, a silly USAF effort, running from 1952 up to 1969, to keep the Ufo-fever down and keeping it from spreading any further.

The biggest problem with the entire UAP-investigation is cutting through the BS first! We were programmed throughout a 70-years run with Ufo-denial and ridicule … we need to adjust that.”


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