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The current model-lineup for the upcoming ‘viking shoot’ are Marike Janssen (NL), Deborah Elskens (BE), Kitty Eemans (BE), Kim De Maeyer (BE) and Jessyca De Geest (BE). The model selection process took about a year of searching, interviewing and planning. Each model could bring her own personal idea to the project and take part in the tremendous detail this fotoshoot is aiming to accomplish. Conversations ranging from discussing historical facts, prospection on the shamanistic tradition, to an overall view on what the viking culture might be about went back and forth. Then there’s the viking priestess or seer, the völva, and the interesting part the viking woman had in the Scandinavian culture. Who were these nordic woman in 800-1100 AD? We know that the vikings were very hygienic in contrast to other parts of Europe and had enormous respect for the female her abilities. A woman had equal rights and could divorce her husband if she produced the necessary evidence to the tribal leaders or elders. When she was pregnant the man in question could argue that she wasn’t fit for fighting in a  battle, in which case she had to stay home, but apart from that she remained a free spirited individual.

Model Kim De Maeyer going through sheets of the ‘viking shoot’ portfolio while wearing the Lagertha (Vikings series) replica earrings. Her first day of shooting in pre-production was a very welcome one. Kim is a natural model who creates as she goes along. Her involvement in the project is very beneficial in terms of outlining the viking hairstyling, makeup, clothing, jewelry and attributes. Kim was the last model in the selection but a very welcome one.

Model and ‘viking shoot’ co-producer Marike Janssen doing a shoot in pre-production. Marike is wearing the Torque Argenté around her neck while preparing other items for the pre-production shoot. Marike has joined the production team and is very much aligned with the viking culture because of her roots. She was born in Texel, one of the wadden islands near Friesland and plays a major role into the further developments of the ‘viking shoot’ project.

Find out in later updates what the pagan viking world had to do with the UAP-dossier and why it’s of importance for our future developments!


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