Viking shieldmaidens & Völva witches! (photoshoot production 2nd book)


UAP-expert, lecturer and author, Bart Uytterhaegen, in cooperation with co-producer Tamara Bungeneers, are creating an all out Viking shoot to provide mind-boggling illustrations for his upcoming Ufo book. This time the focus will hit a specific Ancient Astronaut file that has never before been published! Think Vikings, celts, heathen stuff of all sorts, pagan witches, berserkers and shieldmaidens. Mysterieschools and YES, UFo’s! Amazing doesn’t cut it! This project is downright hallucinatory and mind-blowing in terms of … never been done before! Not in this combo anyways …

Model Deborah Elskens and her elegant shieldmaiden portrayal.

Stefan Engbers, Bart Uytterhaegen and Tamara Bungeneers

Tamara Bungeneers her involvement in the project took everything to the next level.

Co-producer Tamara Bungeneers and her daunting shieldmaiden portrayal.

Co-producer Tamara Bungeneers is the creative force behind the Viking clothing, witches rituals and overall project planning. Her joining with the initial concept, created by Bart Uytterhaegen, resonated and had this earth-stopping effect.

Bart Uytterhaegen and Henri Swinkels during shooting hours

Tamara Bungeneers and Bart Uytterhaegen have that Bonnie & Clyde effect on set.

The production is looking for different dimensions capturing both actions (battles) and activities (rituals) during shoots. Highlighting clothing, weapons and attributes are very important. Locations can be interesting because of their heathen importance, a dolmen, a burial mound, or an inspiring setting in nature, such as woods or lakes.

Henri Swinkels, Tamara bungeneers, Bart Uytterhaegen and Deborah Elskens


The warrior völva comes to life! (photoshoot production 2nd book)

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