Viking witches, authentic replicas & a new UAP-revelation!


No mistake about it! The Low Lands will yet again be bombarded with a new UAP-file coming straight from the top. For over ten years Bart Uytterhaegen  has worked with Pentagon and MoD (Ministry of Defense, uk) ex-officials, next to his boots on the ground investigation, to get a thorough grip on the enigmatic world of Ufo’s and all things related. His first release ‘Ufo’s officially acknowledged’ (published by Coen Vermeeren, Obelisk) is a tremendous succes in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Now, a second release is making its way to the readers. This time Bart Uytterhaegen will shed more light on a very importnat ancient astronaut dossier. According to the author we will be immersed into the pagan Germanic, Viking and Celtic world, learn about the true nature of the völva and seidr witch and become familiar with the connection northern europeans had with extraterrestrials.


Luna Lopez Reviews Bart Uytterhaegen!

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