Viking Jarls en Seidrs! (photoshoot production 2nd book)


Stefan Engbers and Bart Uytterhaegen in their Viking archer pose.

Contrary to some beliefs the viking shoot production does include male viking models portraying viking warriors and seidrs. Due to the initial focus on the völva priestesses modeling the idea of only woman participating in the project became a solid whisper. Now the whisper disappeared with latest production shots. Strong viking models positioned themselves throughout the shoot!

Viking arrows constructed by co-producer Tamara Bungeneers.

Archery was a very important aspect in Viking culture. Both Shieldmaidens and warriors used them and vigorously practiced the art. Hunters were just as important as the Shieldmaiden and warrior cults in terms of the archery-use. If you were a Scandinavian farmer back in the days you most likely would have used a bow and arrow to put food on the table.

Stefan Engbers and Bart Uytterhaegen doing a skirmish shoot.

Vikings used rites. The art of strength, battle and warfare were of the outermost importance. Defending family and kin, the village, the tribe or the expedition participants were a very sacred aspect of the Viking culture. Through rituals and practice strength and stamina was expressed. When you were a Viking in a warrior cult, strategic refinements, such as the ‘shield-wall’ were taught. Just imagine hundreds of carefully selected Viking warriors creating a wooden wall with their shields on the battlefield!

Shieldmaidens (models Deborah Elskens and Tamara Bungeneers) forming a shield wall.

Henri Swinkels on set.


Bart Uytterhaegen on the Trueman Show Podcast! (dutch)

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