Viking dressmaking for a new ancient aliens book!


Model Marike Janssen (NL) posing in the sun with blue kvinna dress.

Model Marike Janssen (NL) stars in the first handmade Viking dress. The blue kvinna dress fabricated on Texel, one of de wadden islands (NL), is an absolute stunning piece of (art)work! The chosen thickness of the cloth instantly recreates that overall authentic Viking-feel! It screams for add-ons, which are dress belt, sword belt and arm bracers.

Model Marike Janssen with handmade blue kvinna dress, shield, sword, sheath and blowing horn replica. The belt is a temporary accessory which will be replaced in the final shoot.

Depending on different add-ons, cape, face paints, jewelry and other regalia, the blue kvinna dress can be used for several illustrations, such as the shieldmaiden and the Völva. Marike Janssen will star in this magnificent outfit, near a pagan power place, during one of the upcoming shoots. The dolmen (picture below) is a megalithic structure used by the pagans, ‘megas’ stands for ‘big’ and ‘lithos’ for ‘stone’. Megalithic structures are therefore large stone structures placed on mathematical precise locations on the energetic world grid.

The dolmen (Drenthe, NL)

Producer Bart Uytterhaegen (BE) pre-shoots Marike Janssen (NL) at the sewing workshop (Texel, NL)

Model Marike Janssen (NL)


Male Viking Shoot Participants!

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