US Navy Confirms UAPs are Real!


The Transology team takes great interest in these US military Disclosures. We had the Pentagon, US Naval Aviators, NATO Pilots and now simply the Navy confirming the existence of UAPs. The media turns wild with these official reports. This is great news concerning the global Disclosure story. There’s also another story. These media stunts are also a controlled initiative to test public opinion. Can we handle these kinds of reports? In other words is the world ready for more of this and perhaps deeper knowledge on the matter? The powers that be are re-shaping the UFO phenomena in heir calculated show by using these media reports to imprint UAP and the meaning of that acronym in our very minds. At this point the UAP is still unidentified but that could change in the future. These reports are interesting in terms of public awareness on the UFO dossier but we should be careful that they don’t lead us to yet another new way of approaching the phenomena as ‘others’ would like us to believe.


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