US Election! A New Opening For UAP Disclosure?


Democrats and republicans are struggling through their election campaign for the presidential seat. Climate change and the Chinese virus along with financial disputes seem challenging topics during the debates. Presidents and presidential candidates have a harder or should we say wider frame on which to operate. They have plenty of global crisis points on their hands. And then there’s the UAP issue hanging in the balance like some non-existing shadow that is rumored to creep up at some points when it isn’t supposed to. Trump frequently evaded the question and counters it by boasting on how impressive the military industrial complex reaches heights such as the US military never had seen before. “We are the superior force in the world!”

But who is he addressing? The people, foreign nations, the US military itself or something else? Seeing the latest installment in the military, ‘US Space Force’ on the 20th december 2019, we can safely say that more things are evolving than we are let to believe. Is Trump addressing extraterrestrials? The big question for sure! Is Earth through its stages of forming a one world government creating domino stones that will tip the balance in favor of a united front? Even Wernher von Braun, Hitler’s rocket man who later through ‘Operation Paper Clip’ invented NASA, left this message on his deathbed.

In a way, and if we take all the sci fi shows and movies in account, we can’t be surprised that Earth needs some form of global or one-world administration to interact with extraterrestrial powers. Every imagined future for our planet has been nibbled upon by science fiction projects, written or filmed. The notion of being Earthlings is not new to us although we are let to believe that we are still divided in many ways. Politics and religions do take the lead on dividing people for all the wrong reasons. If we have a US Space Force what does that tell us? That other nations are not far behind or have their own version of it. Perhaps there are other things lining up for us? What if the US Space Force is in effect a public stunt to acclimate the world and that there are more nations involved in the space operations at this given point in time?

The problem during this presidential election is that Space Force, AATIP and the overal UAP issue isn’t mentioned even though it is in the balance of things. So something is still out of joint seeing that Hillary Clinton together with her campaign advisor, John Podesta, started it in 2016.

In this light we can not really progress unless the UAP issue is attended to like it should be. Presidents need to acknowledge the fact that if there’s a ‘Space Force’ then there should be more up into space than we are presented with. Why is space important?


Disclosure On Official UAP Files in Breda, NL!

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