UFO/UAP Dossier Lecture in the Netherlands!


Bart Bateman and investigation crew were invited at the annual Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies. After a filled afternoon of splendid information and communication Transology brought its version of the investigation in a small one hour lecture. Bart talked about the UFO/UAP dossier and how the study of the files is of key importance for the Disclosure. Crop circles is but one segment of the entire investigation, as Bart explained, and consequently more research has to be taken into account.

The material was welcomed and well appreciated. Future plans for returning to Rendlesham Forest were made public as well as shooting a documentary with Jim Penniston (ex USAF) at the military base next year.

The picture above shows Bart already anticipating a stronger Belgian involvement into the overall Disclosure. Transology has a new co-name under BUFOC – The Belgian UFO Connection. As Transology will always be the name of the evolving investigation team, BUFOC represents the connecting link with the worldwide UFO/UAP network.


Skype Interview Between Stephen Bassett and Bart Bateman!

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