UFO Sighting Above Ghent, Belgium, currently under investigation by Transology!


Photo Courtesy by Dimitri Brosens

An incident occurred (14/09/2019) above Ghent Belgium! At around 8pm Frederik Goethals noticed something odd in the sky. He immediately called Bart Bateman who then also spotted the object. Both men tracked the ufo and saw it split into different parts. The objects were orb like and very bright. The incident is currently under investigation.

Transology calculated that the hight of the object should be around 37km from where we spotted the object. There will be a full report on these calculations later on. The Belgian reporting point (Belgisch UFO meldpunt) immediately reported in the Belgian media that this should be a weather balloon. The KMI (weather report), Star Observatory and the army had not send any whereupon the Belgian UFO reporting point published a press release that there was a correspondence with a source that acknowledged that a balloon was send up by a university student (Cork) from Met Éireann’s Valentia Observatory (ireland). The GPS signal alledgedly should have been lost last saturday (14/09) just above Ghent. We’ve contacted the Belgian UFO reporting point for confirmation on this source.

What follows is the research by Frederik Goethals (Transology Secretary, Expedition Director and Co-Founder)

So, quite a view around sunset last Saturday over the city of Ghent in Belgium. A very bright ‘star’ in the blue evening sky, as bright or even brighter than Venus, but oddly enough too high to be one of our neighboring planets. That’s what I thought when I spotted it from my home garden. The object seemed to move very slightly but should normally not be there. Soon after, the light appeared to explode forming a short-lived fog surrounded by smaller parts and a few bigger ones of which two clearly started to descend. From our pictures and shared video footage, the similarities with known occurrences of exploding weather balloons are evident. 

Nevertheless, a proper investigation relies on a range of parameters that make the full picture. One of them is a check of the sources that allegedly claim knowledge or ownership of this nominated ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’. We’re in the process of doing that, and awaiting response. Another one is checking and recording the spatial and temporal properties of the event. This by itself already makes this case an interesting exercise and a good training in ‘skywatch vigilance’. 

By rapidly mobilizing other witnesses, one increases the monitoring potential around the event, especially when positioned at very different vantage points. So I called Bart Bateman If he could see it too from his home 14 kilometers away. And yes, it appeared even closer to his position. We immediately split the visual recording work among us both, in high res photography as well as video footage, while constantly maintaining contact over the phone. On the other hand we were very focused on the position of the object relative to our location, using any suitable fixed point in our surroundings to monitor and memorize as accurately as possible the elevation and azimuth (horizontal direction) of the UAP. The great distance between us was a big advantage, as now we could validate each other’s data by the use of a GIS tool (such as Google Earth) and simple trigonometry. And yes, both witness accounts resulted in an estimated altitude of 36 and 38 km respectively. An important variable when it comes to unidentified objects in the sky, and as far as other information revealed the alleged altitude would have been around 35 km. So, an unexpected but proper ‘skywatch workout’, and a job well done.


Bart Bateman Interviews Jan Harzan MUFON in Barcelona

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