UFO Dossier Reveals Different USAF References on Area 51!


Area 51 is a remote part of ‘Edwards Air Force Base’, a USAF facility in the Nevada desert. It is the mother of all secret bases! Unfortunately as with so many things in the world of ufology it has fallen victim to disinformation and sensational news. The shroud of mystery around the Area 51 myth was lifted in 2013 when the U.S Government finally admitted that this was a secret testing facility. The base was realized in 1955. The 1989 Robbert Scott Lazar story is by far the most popular and holds steady ground. Bob Lazar revealed through journalist George Knapp (Las Vehas TV station KLAS) that he worked on Secret projects inside the facility. He was involved in the S-4 ‘Project Galileo’, an initiative to pilot crashed or found extraterrestrial vehicles. ‘S-4’ is the codename for one of the facilities of Area 51. Lazar could describe the craft he worked on in great technical and scientific detail. This in itself is remarkable and would be very difficult for a hoaxer. Lazar gave us inside information in secret military programs that were running at the time. The base was definitely involved in ‘reverse engineering’ that tried to find out how extraterrestrial vehicles functioned. Area 51, although its most popular and well known reference, is decorated with more than one codename. ‘Groomlake’, ‘Dreamland’, ‘Homey Airport’, ‘Paradise Ranch’, ‘Home Base’, ‘Watertown’ and ‘Restricted Area’, although the latter refers to the airspace surrounding the complex.


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