UAP activity in the Low Lands!


While Transology was invited to take a look at farmer Sjaak Damen’s amazing crop circle project (see earlier blog post) the team was introduced to close friends. One of them was Joost, a very special man, who has multiple contacts with incoming UAPs (Unidentified Areal Phenomenon). The footage is quite remarkable in terms of its authenticity and the closeness of the UAPs. Even Bart Bateman, Executive Director BUFON Transology, who has plenty of experience on study cases was flabbergasted by this material. At this point we included a picture from Joost his personal camera and we will release film footage in the near future as well. The footage was taken by filming with his camera through his telescope.

UAP picture from Joost’s personal camera

The amazing thing about this particular case is the quantity of the material. Joost spots UAPs with his camera that aren’t visible with the naked eye. Another interesting thing is that he knows Sjaak Damen who has his own independent crop circle investigation, which is considerable and very thorough as we have already covered. Transology will investigate this case further in the near future.


Ongoing Crop Circle Investigation!

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