BUFON – the Belgian UFO Network – found its roots in an in-depth UAP file study. It was actually the last phase in a previous investigation. One that was necessary for Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen after he had a personal close encounter in 1984. He was seven years at the time. Determined to understand what had happened to him a journey for answers was initiated.

Bart studied Philosophy, history, legends, folklore, fairytales, mythology, esotery, Bible study and religions. They all contributed but only gave a part of the answer. The somewhat angelic encounter in the form of a light orb surpassed the need to analyse it with easy or conventional methods such as religion, new age ‘spirituality’ and superstitious constructions. However, these areas could not secure a satisfactory answer. Therefore the study took on an entire different direction. Focus and dedication was directed to matters of science, astronomy and technology instead. Surprisingly all former studies proved to be compatible with what we now know in terms of our current scientific and technological understanding. Technology and science can give answers to difficult questions within religions, The Bible and mythology. It’s a paradigm shift in the way we observe something from another perspective. Symbols and ritualistic language used within mystery schools, secret societies and shamanistic or druidic lore can be better understood when analyzed with an entirely different mentality. As much as any religion describing God or the divine they speak of either the quantum field, where we have learned that subtle and formerly unseen energies do interact with us, or a highly advanced extraterrestrial intervention, where technologies are in play that we would describe as pure magic.

Prior to the study of the UAP files, which is the end of the rabbit hole on the bigger questions of life, Bart came to these conclusions. Ancient history and its mystery school wisdoms counterweighted with the supposed impossible ‘science fiction’ is the key to unraveling the conundrum of life. This has made humanity aware of the fact that early teachings from extraterrestrial influences, seen as the gods of old, were effectively transformed and adapted into the mystery school teaching of the ancient world. This study that ends in the larger question of the extraterrestrial phenomenon will always have many inner-dimensions. Self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-consciousness etc. These are the studies conducted by Transology, the art of transformation in the re-evaluation of the human equation.

“Transology is the study of inner engineering and the science and technologies of the mystery schools themselves.”