Transology visited Stonehenge by Night!


During the annual Wiltshire visits the Transology group could sneek in a festivity where there was a possibility to go inside the ancient stone circle. Tourist visits during the day have no access to it and have to take pictures from a considerable distance. At first Transology wasn’t aware of this special night when we arrived at Wiltshire, UK. We were updated while unpacking in our B&B and felt that we needed to do this. Meaning that we had to come up with something to make sure that we could get in. Bart Bateman came out of his room and said give me a phone and close the door. After a few minutes he returned and told us that our tickets were ready for and could be picked up at the entrance of the event. What just happened? How did he pull that off? Bart called the organization and simply said that Transology was currently present to do publicity for a Belgian news group but forgot to order the tickets. Bart explained that everybody wants publicity and it was the only way that we could partake in this event. A brilliant move! It was an extra and remarkable experience to walk around stones and touch them like this. Our group enjoyed this very much … Thank you!


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