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Skywatch Session 19-20/07/2018

Transology performs two major skywatch sessions per month. This means that every two weeks our people are working to establish contact with extraterrestrial observers. Results can grow when a group works tightly together and perform skywatch sessions in sequence.  It’s not the one that counts but the many. During our latest session we had again a splendid momentum. For the most part we had to keep a focused eye on the south-west as the ETV’s seemed to jump in and out from that position. Throughout the sightings the walkies were buzzing away. Can’t wait to include our radar detector to our kit. We’ve enlarged some of the pics to better see what vectored in on our signal. The Transology Skywatch team was very satisfied and positioned a beautiful evening during the ongoing CTS (Coherent Thought Sequencing) sessions.


Breakthrough in ongoing Skywatch endeavors!

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