How Do You Scout For Interesting Skywatch Locations?


Getting a group of people together, gear up, and perform a skywatch session is one thing. Finding a satisfactory location another. Every skywatch location has to be scouted up front by members who know what to look for. This is necessary so that precious time isn’t lost upon arrival.

Scouting for the proper location can take considerable time. But it will reward you afterwards. Upon finding a good location will benefit your skywatch group for many years. The Transology crew takes great care in selecting locations.

Nature is very important! Stay away from electricity poles as much as possible because they can be a hindrance in creating contact. Avoid houses and other human establishments that could cause disturbance during the skywatch. Stay away from railroads, stations, highways, churches and warehouses as much as possible. It is best to be in nature where you have no surrounding elements that could interrupt a Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS). During these guided meditations it is best that your group ‘s location is in the wild somewhere. Woods can be good spots if you have open spaces to gaze at the stars but do not skywatch in dense woods at night.

It is advised to not perform skywatch procedures in areas where there’s a busy air traffic. This will scramble your walkie talkies too much up to a point that it will be hard to see the difference between airplanes and incoming signals. Try to avoid lakes and rivers at all cost because in some seasons mosquitos will be harassing you tremendously. High grass is also not preferred because of insects.


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