Transology in the Media!


Transology in the media! Is Belgium waking up?

During my Ufology study, military and intelligence documents, I got acquainted with Nick Pope (Ex MoD Uk) through social media. Besides helping us with our upcoming book, where he wrote an introduction, we’ve got some tips to better convey the worldwide Disclosure on extraterrestrial material. To get things moving in Belgium Nick advised me to get media coverage. We started to think about this. Transology devised a plan by first creating a press file. This would enable us to get the facts, dates and other source material sorted in a nice cohesive concept. It is not an easy task to translate the entire Ufology file into a short comprehensive paper but our team tried to achieve in this task. Fortunately we pulled it off in a few months. The objective was to link the world of Ufology with the media so that journalists can understand that it is more than make belief or unfounded stories. Everything that we release has a proper source, date and name. In my personal opinion this is the only way to speed up the Disclosure instead of bringing it back into the time consuming game of believers vs debunkers. There’s nothing to debunk anymore if the facts are sound! This resulted in a first media coverage which is now available in Belgium (article is released in Primo). This is a unique and historical happening because it has never been done in this fashion. Whoever reads this article will be presented with the facts and that we are 70 years behind them. It’s time to go forward. 

Bart Bateman


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  1. Hi, my name is Melissa. A 26 year old woman from Belgium. I just read your story about Transology and Ufology in Primo. I’m intrigued and so happy it’s finally out in the media. Me and my dad where already confinced that there are others as long as I can remember. I myself saw an ufo, when I was 8 years old, right above our house in Brecht, Antwerpen, Belgium. It was a triangle with a light on each angle of the triangle. It was dark but I could see the ufo like it was daylight because it was so near above my head. I remember it so vividly and will never forget what a feeling it gave me. Just a year ago I found the same ufo captured on the internet saying the ufo was spotted in Belgium erea. It was a relieve to know that what I saw was exactly what I saw! I hope we finally all can open our eyes and live life like we suppose to. Hope to live long enough to see them again someday! Grts Mel

    1. The Primo story was a unique opportunity to bring some sort of awareness in Belgium about the worldwide ufology and everything related to it. We only accepted to do the interview if the media would do it properly and we’re very excited about the result. Thank you for your kind reply on this. If you are interested in bringing your story to us then feel free to contact us on

      Kind Regards
      Bart Bateman

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