Transology emails Elon Musk … Can We Co-Anticipate the New Paradigm?


We are by all means accelerating into a new and rapidly evolving new paradigm! The old world and its definition of normal is dissolving. A ‘new normal’ is approaching. Terrorism, covid pandemic and what’s next? People are confused, afraid and perhaps lost. This doesn’t necesarely have to be that way. What if there are answers? Then the question remains wether we are up to it. Can we accept the answers?

Perhaps we focus too much on the news and media. Perhaps we should look for the answers elsewhere. Fear is never the answer. We must adapt and evolve .. we must be ready! Musk with his SpaceX engineering company have proven that this is possible. Nothing is fixed and everything is constantly evolving! I can’t stress that enough .. nothing stands still and everything is a frequency, even your body. So if you know and understand that then you see how constant fear is a slow killer. He stops you in your tracks. Standing still means disintegration. The world is being tested right now. Through fear the covid pandemic achieves the above on a massive scale. We are constantly bombarded with this particular frequency on a daily basis. The good news is that YOU as an individual have the power of choice. You choose fear or not. It’s really that simple. Above al humanity fears change. They are as a species reluctant to accept it. More so, they fight it.

The UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) file is anther form of fear for the unsuspecting world population. It amazes me how slow the concept of other life in outer space develops in our collective awareness. Somehow everybody must realize it by now .. I mean the Pentagon even released it in the New York Times. It’s official!

Elon Musk tweets “Aliens built the pyramids”. This is exactly the kind of needles we need to pierce through the thick layers of unawareness lurking around us as a smokescreen of fear and disbelief. Musk’s comment on the pyramids, hinting on the unexplained origine of these megalithic engineering feats, is part of the new paradigm .. the shift that’s happening all around us.


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