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Transology Crop Circle Investigation Report!


It is true! Crop Circles are diminishing in and around of Wiltshire, UK. This doesn’t have to be a negative issue in the entire crop circle investigation. Far from it actually. We know that hoaxers are scattered around the entire countryside trying to trick us. We know that some people have seen footage of these little tricksters creating formations that could be seen as ‘real’ ones. The fact that circles are clearly decreasing can be a sign that people who fund the hoaxers lose interest. Perhaps the business isn’t running as smoothly as it used to be or they want to explore other avenues for making profits. Perhaps other countries, say France, can be of interest for restarting the entire process. In any case this can be a good sign for the overall investigation. If the money and all the business is slipping from the scene the investigation can take another turn. Perhaps the fewer the circles the realer they become. Stuff to think about.


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