The warrior völva comes to life! (photoshoot production 2nd book)


Model and co-producer Tamara Bungeneers portraying the pagan Völva.

The photoshoot production is all about creating the right atmosphere for the new upcoming book! You have all the classic Ufo stuff, which includes the old abduction stories, military files, the coverup and the quirky ’50s looking flying saucer thingies … this upcoming new book realization is an entirely new perspective on the UAP-dossier. In a certain way going back to the old heathen legends, it’s rich pagan history, combined with what we now know of the official UAP-files and its ancient astronaut materials, gives us the edge to transform this material to the next level. But it has to be done in such a way that it adds to the old ufology instead of being a standalone.

Tamara Bungeneers tests out the priestess bow and arrow.

Tamara Bungeneers in full warrior Völva dress.

The entire production, its dressmaking, historical attributes, ritualistic jewelry and the tantelising shots in themselves are like gateways for opening this true pagan Viking world.



Norse Völva coming to life! (photoshoot production 2nd book)

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