The UFO Conundrum Solved by Changing Our Perspective!


Up and down the worldwide UFO community both the investigators and the curious see the UFO enigma as something that we need to discover and prove! Transology challenges this approach by installing a new incentive. Logic thinking dictates that it’s quite impossible that we are alone in the universe. Questioning this is out of the question. Besides this truth we have numerous files from officials, ranging from military, airforce, NATO, intelligence, pilots, astronauts etc., that make it impossible to doubt that nothing lives in space. For the past 70 years ufology has distributed proof of this. It is time to take the next step! Tying the nots together does in fact give us a satisfactory perspective on why the extraterrestrials are involved in our own human evolution. Perhaps we need to focus on what we have instead of trying to prove to each other that extraterrestrials exist? What if groups would come together in the light that they can make a change by doing so? If we are observed by outside forces from space, as the UFO dossier suggests, it is a good bet that we can make larger awareness and contact by creating groups of people that come together in a mutual interest of bettering this world. From there you can have the most fantastic experiences. It’s a signal in itself that can be boosted by the proper Skywatch tools. Transology suggests that you do not fill in the extraterrestrial agenda. We are quite aware that we can’t see all ends in this. Numerous files show us that we have some sort of child-parent relationship with the ETs and that we are growing and educating ourselves in becoming galactic adults. These proceedings are monitord from space. When the human race becomes aware of its tremendous power by signalling that we can be together in a better way it is a sure thing that the extraterrestrials take a greater interest in our story.


The Belgian Transology Group During a Crop Circle Investigation!

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