Preparing a new UAP-revelation and a Viking pagan revival!


Author Bart Uytterhaegen (BE), in cooperation with Marike Janssen (NL), produces an entire series of viking-shoots for illustrating his upcoming book release. The title and release date of the book is still unknown but there’s a good chance the foreword will be written by UAP-expert Stephen Bassett (Executive Director PRG, USA). This  new UAP-investigation, diving deep into the ancient astronaut files of Northern Europe, will reveal the amazing connection between Vikings, Celts and UAP’s! Do we need to say more? The initial idea for this daring project, within the boundaries of UAP-investigation, is an absolute wonder in itself and could revive and introduce a forgotten ancient pagan tradition to the Low lands and accordingly to the entire world. We’re not talking mix and match workshop material where everything distinctly tribal gets blended for commercial purposes. We’re saying ‘walk-the-walk-and-talk-the-talk’ on all things related to Viking paganism. The book aims on connecting the official UAP-dossiers with North-European pagan traditions, because its seidr (old pagan sorcery) practitioners  in themselves were the original skywatchers and contactees. The book will explain many new things on mystery schools and the art of divination.

“I always wanted to read this book but it didn’t exist, so I had to create it myself!” Bart Uytterhaegen

Pre-shoot of the Shieldmaiden (Jessyca De Geest)

Jessyca De Geest (BE) was the first model interested in the project. What’s the story apart from delivering obvious flabbergastingly cool pictures! Bart accidentally bumped into Jessyca at a garden party and immediately wanted to work with her. According to him the cooperation with Jessyca De Geest is pivotal in bringing back the atmosphere of old North-European seidr, galdr and völva traditions. Why that is so remains a mystery. Bart is known for keeping a lid on things during production and having his own personal reasons for doing what he does. At some point, during the buildup towards pre-shooting, Jessyca had to leave the project for personal reasons. Bart wasn’t sure the project would succeed without her involvement and stayed in contact, basically waiting for the right moment to re-introduce her. The first pre-shoot of Jessyca proves to be right on the money. The result! Strong in-depth pics already revealing different dimensions and a sound basis for more of the same. It’s absolutely amazing!

Pre-shoot of the Galdrakona (Jessyca De Geest)

“Jessyca her involvement into this project is more than modeling alone .. she’s a creative brainstorming wonder, very inspired in everything she undertakes and amazing to work with.” Bart Uytterhaegen

Pre-shoot of the Shieldmaiden (Jessyca De Geest)

The book will create an entire atmosphere by recreating images of the Viking world. Look for specific jewelry, clothing, face-paints, codes of behavior in fighting methods, seidr practice and much more. Look for rectifications on things gone wrong during the composition of our traditional history books. The cliché of Vikings being bloodthirsty barbarians before christianization will be straightened out.

Viking blowing horn (cow), curved drinking cups (ox), the drum (made out of deer and ash tree) and the calm (bone) are some of the replicas used in the Jessyca De Geest shoot.


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