The Haunted Skies Files Revised!

Haunted Skies Volume 4

BUFOC Transology takes great interest in the ‘Haunted Skies’ multi-volume series. These are not merely UFO books but collected files. This latest volume for our archive is the first of the revised editions (2018). Expanded, including intense UFO activity reported in Wales, and enhanced in color these pearls give you the sense that you are a Fox Mulder sitting in a basement desk somewhere. The feeling of being your own investigator just about to dig into some serious pieces on the overall UAP dossier can give you that head start you always wanted.

The 4th volume deals with files from 1976 to 1977 and have an exclusive foreword by Malcom Robinson. This veteran of the UFO/Paranormal subject explains that following on from a period of UFO activity recorded for the UK 1976 period, which increased dramatically during 1977, Wales featured a higher concentration of UFO sightings as compared to the rest of the country. Most of the Welsh sightings were localized in the West Wales area. Volume 4 has 12 chapters from january 1976 to december 1976 and gives itself the ‘Silver Jubilee Edition’, Celebrating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.


The Encyclopaedia of British UFOs!

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