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What Do We Know About Crop Circles! Part 1


An excellent Docu about the supposed Hampshire-based crop circle hoaxers that are really the hoax in themselves. Doug Bower and Dave Chorley announced in 1991 as being the creators and artists of many of the crop circles in Warminster and Wiltshire and they were willing to proof it to the press. This made a whirlwind throughout the known investigators, authors and other communities back in the day. Coincidently this happened just asthe government would finance investigators. Convenient? According to Doug and Dave they were creating crop circles with their ‘stomp-board technique’ for quite some while. 1978 was their debut. So who made the other circles before them? They have been reported for 300 years in the english countryside. Other pranksters? And why does their proof, the circle they’ve created in front of the press, worthless in terms of geometric accuracy. In the genuine circles the crop is not destroyed, only flattened due to an immense heat source (300°C). Investigator Colin Andrews who visited the so called hoaxers presentation and wasn’t impressed. He explained on camera that the plants were broken, rough, the grain is at the floor, the overall pattern lacks symmetry and is not produced well. This investigator simply explained to us that the poor work, in daylight hours, was a hoax. I find it most peculiar that people still use these hoaxers to write off all the circles at once. And if these artists were behind most of the circles in their run then who makes them now? New pranksters with more sophisticated planks?


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