The Encyclopaedia of British UFOs!


British UAP files are in itself a very important cornerstone of the entire UAP dossier. There’s lots of material and the British are always very thorough. A splendid collection of files have been very carefully assembled by investigators John Hanson and Dawn Holloway. John Hanson is a retired CID officer. An experienced police officer who gathers and sifts the evidence in a methodical and critical manner. The books are published, and revised, in a A4 format which allows quite some extensive material to be collected into one volume. Volume I captures files from 1940 to 1959 and the multi-volume series expand further in a chronological way to get everything tightly organized.

The compelling volumes are filled with newspaper articles, testimonials, drawings etc. to make this an authoritative collection of source material. At this point BUFOC Transology has acquired seven books with and eight volume on the way. They are quite expensive but worth the money for any sort of ufologist that wants to have the feel of flipping through genuine files in a comfortable package. A must for any serious UAP collection. At this moment there are 11 volumes in the ongoing series.

Later volumes include files beyond the British and deal with USA, Australia and even New zealand materials.


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