The Updated Close Encounter List!


There are numerous extraterrestrial interactions with mankind. Astronomer Josef Allen Hynek created the first ‘Close Encounter’ (CE) list to categorize them properly. As ufology progressed throughout the years more additional work was needed for keeping the list updated and practical. French ufologist Jacques Vallée created the ‘Vallee Classification System’ (VCS) where he created more details to ‘Fly-Bys (FBs) and ‘Maneuvers’ (MAs). These classifications fall under classical ufology and was enhanced with dr. Steven Greer his CE5 installment. Then the list gets into a frenzy on the internet where many new creations go haywire. The Transology Group arranged them in the best possible fashion from CE6 (which is in use by the american military) to CE8. CE9 and CE10 are unique installments by Transology because of the many skywatch results. The ‘High Strangeness’ can be experienced as a message or a stimulation towards co-creation.

The Transology CE list currently in use
Hynek and Vallee

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