Crop Circles

The Belgian Transology Group During a Crop Circle Investigation!


There’s a good many points that you can check inside a circle. Look for other posts on this website for more info on how to detect ‘real’ circles from hoaxes. Next to the observation, which can be an entire mission in itself, many more things can be experienced. Very important to my personal involvement is the contact with other investigators or people who are attracted to the circles for some reason. I believe that for all intent and purposes the observing extraterrestrials take great interest in these energetic gatherings. It’s like stepping into another world where we as living beings of light can experience more cosmic truth and create a wider awareness of what truly matters in life. Without a doubt this is a very strong magnetism for me and I find this loving tribal feeling equally important as the determination of wether a circle is genuine. Sometimes the Transology group doesn’t even determine it and simply surrender itself to the moment. It’s quite stimulating!

Bart Bateman


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