Stealth Fighters and why Skywatchers should learn about them!


Every Skywatcher has a clandestine meeting with one or two Stealth airplanes at one time or another. They are often tested at night, can fly very low, be very silent, but most important of all they can be mistaken for ETV’s (Extraterrestrial Vehicles). The latter is often the case when the Skywatcher experiences a Stealth that is still a military secret. Nevertheless, the study of the known models can help us a long way. Important to know is that Stealths are created for a specific reason. They reduce reflection/emission of radar, infrared, visible light, radio-frequency (RF) spectrum, and audio. This is collectively known as stealth technology. Equally important is the fact that not only the USA develops them. The Russians have the Sukhoi-Su57 (2018), the Indian Sukhoi/HAL FGFA is their version of the Su57 and China has the Chengdu-J20 and Shengyang J-31. There are also unmanned stealths and various secret crafts that aren’t public domain. Skywatchers take your posts and watch the skies! 


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