Become involved into the future paradigm by producing a coherent signal of love, peace and unity. Become an exemplary aid to the ongoing transformation and disclosure currently manifesting in the world today. Sky.Watch Group is a platform for those who want to see humanity ascending from a galactic child to a galactic adult. Here you will be trained using self-made tools, inspiring lectures, group contact sessions and other related activities  … taking you from exploring your inner self , establishing a lasting ethical compass, to possibly experiencing close encounters first hand.

Transology takes great care towards its skywatching procedures. Everybody can become a star-gazer but there’s more to it than simply flashing a laser-light or contemplating books on UFOs.

Ufology goes only so far and is often tied up into the ‘nuts & bolts’ theory which keeps the phenomenon very much down to an earthly perspective. Skywatching, as we like to label it, is an art form involving stamina, meditation, basic astronomical knowledge and observational skills.

Using technology such as walkie talkies and lasers is one thing, getting a group into the right line-up to create an example of unity, another. First and foremost, skywatching is coming together in a mutual friendly/loving way. We call this the ‘The Art of Coming Together’, hence ACT, and consequently focus a great deal on this process before we open a signal.

Making contact is therefore a very rewarding undertaking if you perform it well and create lasting values between yourself and other people.


Transology members partake in an annual trek towards Crop Circles, UFO hotspots and ancient sites of tremendous power. In the ‘Odyssey’ we come closer to each other, respect life, nature and make loving contact with the extraterrestrial presence.

“Life is a journey … but when we hike together within a certain state of mind the discovery will not be a place in time … it will be the ‘Self’ and how you relate or reflect to others with it.”


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