Even in prehistoric times they were reported. The enigmatic UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Our ancestors described it as a chariot from the gods … those entities that crafted us into existence and gave us civilization. Alexander the Great saw them flying over his vast army and even Columbus thought it wise to include his sighting on open sea in his captain’s log. History is paved with clues that they were always around.

Then came the modern UFO era with the second world war’s Foo Fighters over Europe and the all too famous Roswell crash in New Mexico (1947). Between the Roswell incident and now the UFO reports went skyrocketing! This is not a random coincidence.

Something is definitely afoot. It is called the apocalypse. More accurate we could call it the revelation or time of worldwide Disclosure. This game-changer will be the most important evolutional point throughout human history.


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