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The first Transology book is appears a cohesive work with great significant content. The cover is very inviting and the layout a work of visual art. The beauty of the book is that it is so clearly written. No lofty language or unnecessary knowledge will be found here. The book reflects the journey of a small boy triggered by a science fiction film and a Bible book which made him experience a correlation between the two.

Further and further his hunger reaches a point where he understands humanity to be at the start of something incomprehensible from our point of view. The universe seems endless in its possibilities. Bart Bateman summarizes a lot of knowledge in one concise form.

This invites me to read on as all important things are described in a few sentences and illustrated with beautiful artistic visualizations and mesmerizing pictures.It is a testimony of the Transology objectives and invites you to become active yourself, that we are all entertained somehow and capable of being the change and transformation in the world that we so much desire right now.

Charleen Klein Beernink-Taribuka (NL)

When Bart Bateman and I met for the first time, we knew we were already friends, travelers on the same path. In this book, Bart has created a handbook to guide and inspire others traveling towards their own truths. If you are reading it, then you’re already on the same journey. Safe travels.

Kerry Davis Beeson (UK)

Bart Bateman captured Transology from the inside, describing it in an invigorating, convincing and most inspiring way. It tantalizes introduction both to the inexperienced, in terms of the know-how surrounding the UFO phenomenon, as well as the experienced. The material has always spoken to our imagination and is magnificently presented throughout the book.

Sabine Sulmon (BE)


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