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Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen is a leading expert UAP investigator. He’s a respected spokesperson on all things related to the extraterrestrial phenomenon and has published as well as lectured on the topic.

His work started after experiencing a close encounter at the age of seven (1984). In trying to find an explanation Bart Bateman studied old scriptures, Religious texts, myths, legends and folklore before stumbling on the discovery that ancient mystery schools themselves were the key to the extraterrestrial conundrum. This ancient practise was initiated by extraterrestrial influence and resulted in secret societies, guarding the truth in both symbolic language and ritualistic ceremony. Bart Bateman discovered this connection and for several years was an outside consultant on inside matters in the Belgian Freemasonry Obedience ‘Le Droit Humain’ and ‘GOB’. He aided in explanations on complex inside topics concerning the symbolic ritualistic language and the deeper meaning in connection to its cosmic roots.

In 2011 Bart Bateman formed an independent UAP investigation network. BUFON Transology as a platform for co-working with, both national and international, UFO investigators. This Belgian UFO Network has been conducting in-depth crop circle studies, visited numerous UAP hotspots and people who experienced close encounters, participated in many Disclosure efforts and performed groundbreaking skywatch procedures.

At this point Bart Bateman is in huge demand because of his international connections with other leading experts in the UFO community. He works with updates from officials that had careers in both USAF and the British MoD. This implies that Bart Bateman is not only a solid and well respected UAP investigator on the outside but has become somewhat of an insider who’s well acquainted with official files of the military industrial complex and several intelligence agencies. His ‘boots-on-the-ground’ investigations and personal studies made him into one of the leading experts on all things related to the extraterrestrial phenomenon and a well documented spokesperson. 

Examples of some of Bart Bateman’s previous public appearances include

  • Interview in magazine ‘Primo’, BE (2018)
  • Skype interview with Jim Penniston, ex USAF (08/08/2019)
  • Skype interview with Stephen Bassett (executive director PRG) (29/09/2019)
  • A formal meeting with ex MoD Nick Pope at the Barcelona World UFO Congress (12/09/2019)
  • Skype interview by Grant Cameron (Author) (17/04/2020)
  • Lecture at Sky High Creations in Breda, NL (17/10/2020)
  • Several publications in magazine ‘Spiegelbeeld’, NL (ongoing)
  • eBook release on the UAP Files Part 1, Kobo (04/2021)
  • eBook release on the UAP Files Part 2, Kobo (05/2021)




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