Project Blue Beam is real!


Hi Bart! While writing your second book, which clearly deals with a very important ancient aliens file … ET’s meet vikings or paganism and all that stuff … could you explain why there’s talk about you spilling milk on ‘Blue Beam’?

“Blue Beam is real … it’s all over the UAP-network as we speak. To UAP-experts its old news although it’s not fully developed yet.”

Isn’t that a strong statement, seeing everybody fears it?

“Well, it is just what it is I suppose. Why not talk about it? I mean, if people fear something should we be silent about it?”

Yes, you’re right. Can you tell us what the False Flag is all about then?

“First of all the False Flag and Blue Beam are two different things. Blue Beam,  as a project, is the final stage under a larger umbrella, which is the False Flag. The False flag started in the 80’s with the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) project, nicknamed the Star Wars project. It was all about putting an anti-ballistic missile shield into space to counter ‘killer’ weapons from the Russians. Read laserplatforms. Of course, this was a lie.”

How did the False Flag progress from the Star Wars project throughout the 80’s?

“It worked quite well. President Reagan’s administration really pulled this off! The platforms were installed and more was facilitated as the project moved on. But it never targeted or shot down any Russian rockets. It was never about that … it’s all about weaponizing space, really! This project is in full development. At this point we roughly have a $400 billion space industry situation up there and the USSF (United States Space Force) is observing it … so do the math and figure this one out. Why is there so much money up there? I mean, WTF!”

What is the USSF all about?

“It’s a long run to initiate laws into space … who owns what and what is possible and what’s not. Basically it’s a military run for controlling things.”

Could you explain why the False Flag is there in the first place and who’s behind it?

“It’s a program based on fear. We’re going into the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) fase at this point. SpaceX has propelled these fancy rockets into space which drill into asteroids, successfully bring them out of their orbit or trajectory and guide them to where they want to have them. They can also set them loose anytime they want. Imagine what a sizable asteroid, not burning up into the atmosphere, can damage.”

The DART project could be used as a weapon?

“It’s a possibility, yes! But we’re stronger, all these stages in the False Flag have a problem … we know about it and as long as we spread the word that things are happening up there we can see through things. Having knowledge about it is a good way to understand that our outcome will be very hopeful. People need to learn about space and what’s happening there!”








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