Prince Philip Collects UFO Books.


Monarchies are not the dull dusty institutions as we would like to believe. Agreed, it is an outdated system but it’s also a symbol of our history and inside the castles lots of culture, art and philosophy is cultivated. Kings, Princes and Queens do not own political power as they had in the medieval times but that doesn’t mean they are without symbolic power. The English Monarchy is a role model for others in Europe and perhaps the most inspiring throughout the world. They’ve overcome many problems and brought stability by ways of a silent example in their country. Is this yet again a silent example? The subject of UFO’s?

The Royal Residence, Buckingham Palace

It seems that the UFO topic pops up everywhere these days. For decades we were used to having a Hollywood system that provided us with many films on aliens and UFO’s. In a way they modulated the way we reflect and adjust ourselves towards the UAP problem. Hollywood was a safe way of dealing with it. We had this cowboy and indian thing woven through it all the time and all over the world this worked perfectly. We, the humans, were cowboys defending our ranch, planet Earth, from the invading evil aliens that had no emotions in bringing us down.

Queen Elizabeth II

Extraterrestrial life and the possible outcome of the UAP dossier is well studied within Buckingham Palace. The news we hear about Prince Philip owning a UFO collection is nothing new and it goes much further than that. Behind Palace walls many debated subjects are under silent observation. It is one of the duties of royal houses to do so and they have special advisors that bring latest developments and discoveries to the table. Prince Philip even arranged a meeting with the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong, Queen Elizabeth II & Buzz Aldrin

Spoilers for The Crown ahead. The seventh episode of The Crown season 3, “Moondust,” sees Prince Philip facing an existential-slash-mid-life crisis sparked by the Apollo 11 moon landing . The apex of his misery comes upon meeting Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, the American astronauts who had recently made history by landing on the moon. At Buckingham Palace. The Queen even had a minor role in the Apollo mission. Etched on a disc that was left behind on the moon Queen Elizabeth offered the words: “On behalf of the British people I salute the skills and courage which have brought man to the moon. May this endeavor increase the knowledge and well-being of mankind.”


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