The Strange Events On How Bart Bateman Acquired the Weverbergh UFO Collection!


Belgian author Julien Louis Weverbergh, born in 1930, Antwerp, published seven books on UFOs between 1971 and 1998. Although the books are easily obtainable Bart Bateman didn’t successfully collect them all for the BUFOC Transology archive. This is not a neglect on his part as he considers Weverbergh’s books to be an important study inside the overall UAP phenomenon. The reason why there’s no haste is the date that goes with these publications. They are part of the older UFO inheritance. While still valuable these studies were made when UFOs were still chained to the area of fringe or pseudoscience.

In 2013 Bart Bateman did a market gig with an old friend. Both were to sell some secondhand items and would remain present at the same spot for the entire day. Both were switching on some downtime to get something to drink or made use of the toilet at a corner café across the street. For some reason Bart was anxious to see what the other market people were offering and during on of his breaks he walked across the street to the nearest stand holder. Just before he turned around to walk to the café Bart noticed an old box under the table were the other stuff was displayed upon. The box got his attention and he asked the owner if he could take a look inside. The salesman replied that he wouldn’t like what’s in there. It were old things from a relative that amused him but he would rather just get rid of them. Bart humored the man by answering that he would take the box at no cost on which he got the reply “Please do, I’m not joking!” This said and done Bart returned to his stand first in order to drop of the box there. He believed that it would contain nothing important and would have to try to sell it himself. Before going to the café he took a look inside and to his amazement he found a set of books about UFO’s. This struck him hard. What are the odds? The books from the relative of the other salesman proved to be written by the same author, Julien Weverbergh.

The story didn’t end with the bizarre book catch from the market event. The reason why this blog exists in the first place is because another thing unfolded bringing more strangeness to the acquiring of the Weverbergh book collection. Bart’s new hobby, due to the initial find at the market place, is going through old books in the hope of spotting another work on UFO’s that is missing from the Transology archive. On the 5th October, 2019, Bart visited a secondhand bookseller in Ghent. There he found his fifth book ‘The Blue Light Happiness’ (published in 1997) that is about an abduction case in Antwerp. Bart memorizes every UFO book from the archive, or in a few cases like with the Däniken collection uses pictures on his cellphone to find out which one is missing. Therefore he could by the book knowing that he wasn’t purchasing it to find out he already acquired it. Once outside the store another strange thing happened. hen he dipped into it for a moment he saw that the book was signed on the first page.

The book signed by Weverbergh in ’97

Although we haven’t blogged on the Cosmic Field’s workings and it’s laws like the Law of Attraction there are UAP files from strong solid sources that explain that things just don’t happen, they happen for a reason. Could this imply here? Is this Weverbergh book story trying to tell something? Is there a meaning to it? Perhaps more things will unfold that bring more attention to these proceedings?

A happy Bart Bateman holding the signed book

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