Owls and Extraterrestrials! What’s the Connection?


During skywatch sessions the Transology crew often has to deal with owl activity. Is this a coincidence? The many hours of experience in contact sessions tells us that something is definitely out of place concerning these nocturnal visitors. Most members that get involved in ufology and skywatch procedures notice all of a sudden that they are being contacted by owls. The weirdest things start to happen. Owls flying straight for a car window only to escape collision at the very last moment. We also had testimonials of owls landing in the middle of the road blocking one of our skywatchers. Owls that keep circling the crew in middle of a contact session. The list goes on. But most bizarre is the owl flying along side one of our cars at the same speed while looking inside the car. Owls and ufology have a long history together and there is a good deal of research done on the matter.

Transology recommends the work of Mike Clelland, ‘The Messengers’ for further study. In all consideration these strange happenings that fall under ‘High Strangeness’ can mean two different things … (1) The skywatchers ignite contact and somewhere in the area an extraterrestrial vehicle (ETV) is observing. Due to the electromagnetic discharge of the ETV the owl is lured out of curiosity. (2) The owl is completely taken over by a very enhanced extraterrestrial mind control devise and from then on is used as a biological camera by which the ETs can track and observe the skywatchers. Both seem plausible although the second theory is often too far fetched for many investigators we should be open minded about it.

In the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ (1981) a greek myth is being portrayed where the hero Perseus is observed and aided by Bubo the owl. It’s not an ordinary owl because he’s created by the gods. If we translate the gods as the extraterrestrials who created a devise to observe mankind we can then see that this myth is trying to explain that owls are the symbol of the messenger, the link between the ETs and ourselves.


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