Ongoing Crop Circle Investigation!


Transology finally met up with farmer ànd investigator Sjaak Damen. Building on years of hard work studying crop anomalies in relation to radiation, makes him a very interesting and intriguing researcher.

Farmer Sjaak Damen and Transology Secretary Frederik Goethals discussing investigation results

Using his knowledge and knowhow on cropcircle grains for years, has opened up a whole new perspective on the ‘real or fake’ proposition that has kept researchers, media and skeptics busy for decades.

Below some footage of Sjaak’s test field where he cultivates all kinds of crop modalities for further research, bit by bit unveiling one of the world’s most tantalizing mysteries in modern times.

Farmer Sjaak Damen and Transology Director Bart Bateman talking about the investigation

Sjaak has replanted material from Owslebury (Wiltshire), june 2019, and others from Hackpen hill among others.

Owslebury, Wiltshire
Sjaak Damen at his crop circle field
Farmer Sjaak Damen and Transology Secretary Frederik Goethals working with a drone
Sjaak Damen his workfield captured by a drone

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