Disclosure On Official UAP Files in Breda, NL!


Bart Bateman’s first official lecture took place in the ‘Sacramentskerk’ at Breda on 17/10/2020. The afternoon was organised by ‘Sky High Creations’, a project created by Roeland Beljon & Nancy Polet. The church was a very interesting place to expose inside information on the official UAP dossier and its latest developments. BUFON Transology secretary Frederik Goethals was present to give a helping hand and make sure that everything went in the right direction. People were introduced to a sweeping film with a bombastic soundtrack launching the idea that exclusive materials would be distributed. The tone was set for an interesting moment in the world of UAPs.

Roeland Beljon with Bart Bateman

Many topics were addressed during this presentation. Ranging from Bart’s personal close encounter in 1984 to current developments in AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program). There was also time for a brief explanation on the history of the UAPs and their official files.

Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoeter who was also member of MJ-12

Bateman expressed that the UAP files need to be introduced to the public together with official cooperation. This doesn’t mean the president or any other high ranking Gov. official from any nation. ‘Officials’ hits on people who had direct contact with the UAP files or some part of its ongoing investigation from an official capacity. Meaning that they had (or have) clearance of some kind. Disclosure revolves around these powers inducing the network of ufologists and investigators working in the field.

It is clear that Mr. Bateman is the leading authority in northern Europe on this topic and holds direct contact with officials that hold clearance to the UAP files. We can expect more and more valid info coming from Bateman and his BUFON investigation team in the future.

Bart Bateman with Frederik Goethals before the lecture

Bateman spoke about the materials released in the New York Times. ‘Gimbal’, ‘FLIR1’ and ‘Go Fast’ are exposed to the public through TTSA (To The Stars Academy), a commercial company led by ex rockstar Tom Delonge. Many believe that the Pentagon disclosed these images but that’s a wrong assumption. All footage was put out in the media through TTSA. They clearly had Pentagon clearance to do so.

The presentation that lastet for 2hrs, apart from Q&A, gave deeper insight into the history of UAPs. As we are all aware of the cover-up scenario, which embroiled the world of UFO fieldworkers for 70yrs, Bateman explained why the ‘cover-up’ was both a hard necessity as well as an obnoxiously annoying thing. Even now, as the world finally receives direct info from AATIP, there are things unspoken because of national security.



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