On Disclosure!


There’s no theoretical Disclosure … the only way to achieve in it is to dedicate yourself to fieldwork while distributing the materials fresh and up to date! Of course there is tons of Ufology material available in written form (formerly classified documents) and more coming our way. The angle is to implement the study material while operating from the field. So, a thorough absorption of the paperwork can in fact give you an advantage during fieldwork. As the world is still truly sleeping and disregarding the materials available I cannot stress enough the importance for waking up. Things are definitely happening all around us only the media diverts all news to more ‘sensational’ topics. If you can find some spare time I would strongly suggest to read what governments release into the world about the UFO phenomenon. It’s a drip-feeding scenario to be sure (not everything is released) but it can cary its weight. It strikes me that so little people have the knowledge of the phenomenon that will change our human story forever. It’s out there, the material is on the net for free and it’s a good start to investigate these documents. The Disclosure entails a revelation wether we like it or not … even if the world isn’t catching up it will still be baffled when the obvious will become clear. It’s not about why … it’s about when … and when could be sooner than we expect.


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