“Not Roswell!” Investigator Bart Bateman Claims That the Starting Point Of Modern Ufology Started With the American Civil War!


Executive Director and Ufologist Bart Bateman states that modern ufology started at a different date. It’s a well known fact that most ufologists accept the Roswell Crash, 1947, as the starting point for more extraterrestrial activity. Investigator Bart Bateman believes that this date should be bumped back to 1861. Careful study of the UFO dossier, as Bart states, points out that every war throughout history had a peak in UFO activity. But one conflict was different! The Civil War (1861-1864) had an enormous amount of testimonials describing strange sightings in the sky. It is the peak of peaks!

During his years in office President Abraham Lincoln was very much aware of these proceedings. Something was closely monitoring this conflict. There were even sightings reported in cities like New York. Bart explains that the reason for this sudden rise in extraterrestrial activity has everything to do with our technological developments during that time. The Civil War was a miscalculated war. Old Napoleon tactics were implemented by officers who studied them during their Military Academy education at West Point. Unfortunately the weaponization process of this conflict was not compatible with the outdated strategies, resulting in a gigantic catastrophe in terms of casualties. An estimated 620,000 men lost their lives.

1st October 1862: President Abraham Lincoln visiting soldiers encamped at the Civil War battlefield of Antietam in Maryland. It was one of the bloodiest in the whole American Civil War. (Photo by Rischgitz/Getty Images)

At the end of the war both the confederate and union armies started to adapt tactics to accommodate better ways of fighting it. The battles started to become a prelude to World War One trench warfare scenarios. It was a lesson that made this war one of the bloodiest in history. Bart believes that it is exactly the reason the extraterrestrial supervision started to look like an intervention. A marking point in our technological development was reached, making the Civil War a concern for extraterrestrials because of our demonstration on how we were capable of destroying ourselves on a larger scale.

Trench warfare scenario – Battle of Petersburg

Bart conducts more effort into studying this chapter of the overall ufology story and believes that there’s a key to be found that will unlock more insight into the agenda of these strange visitors.


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