Norse Völva coming to life! (photoshoot production 2nd book)


Pagan witches revival alert!

We’re picking up speed! The first Tamara Bungeneers (co-producer) shoot was a tremendous succes! All created or chosen materials are so amazingly wel fabricated or provided in terms of depth and detail that imagination itself is cancelled out as a side effect. When Tamara walks on set in full dress and regalia she visually immediately transforms with ease into a Viking Völva or Scandinavian witch.
The initial idea for a Sami outfit!
It’s both daunting and beautiful seeing the proces coming together. Tamara her modeling work shows that hidden energetic-worker flair that transpires throughout the entire shooting proces. The only thing missing now is the braided hairstyle and face-paint work, which will be provided in the upcoming shooting days. We’re looking at 2.000 shots per model which will bring us around 28.000 pictures for the book illustrations alone.
The Viking shoot production team (Tamara Bungeneers and Bart Uytterhaegen)

New sewing workshop cooperation by Tamara Bungeneers! (photoshoot production 2nd book)

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