New sewing workshop cooperation by Tamara Bungeneers!


Model and clothing designer Tamara Bungeneers (BE)

Tamara joined forces with ‘viking-shoot’ producers Marike Janssen and Bart Uytterhaegen to create new viking outfits. At this point production is even contemplating to illustrate viking children, but that’s still on the brainstorming table. Tamara will also be modeling in the shoot herself, which is a must.

Iceland (picture by Tamara Bungeneers)

Tamara took a recent trip to Iceland and made some powerful shots of the amazing Viking landscape. She agreed to release some of them for the upcoming book publication.

Iceland (picture by Tamara Bungeneers)

The pictures give a very good impression of the harsh landscape the Vikings had to face. It’s both beautiful and daunting alike.

Iceland (picture by Tamara Bungeneers)

Tamara Bungeneers is an amazing entry into the project because she has done pagan ritualistic work and is well known in the art of energetic guidance (Seidr in Norse paganism). Her botanic interests combined with energetic work surrounding moon and mother Earth gives us the edge needed to flesh out some of the deeper dimensions of the Völva art and its Seidr tradition.

Model and clothing designer Tamara Bungeneers (BE)

The ‘viking shoot’ production will fabricate four or five dresses to accommodate the selected models. At this point Tamara is thinking about fabric, colour and attributes in her creative process to flesh out the viking look.

Tamara Bungeneers at the drawing table

(above) Tamara creating the viking dresses as she thinks about add-ons, jewelry and different attributes needed to produce the authentic viking look. Her skills include drawing and cutting the patterns for the clothing herself.

Tamara has chosen green color for the second female dress. In order to reproduce that strong, rough viking cloth she used a canvas fabric. It looks absolutely amazing and has an authentic feel to it.

Creating these dresses is a very important part in the overall process of finishing the second UAP-book by Bart Uytterhaegen. Tamara her viking dress-production is intensive and needs complete focus on what the viking culture really entails.

(above) Tamara her patterns for cutting the cloth in the right shape and measurements. The green colour is already expressing itself as a genuine viking kvinna dress of its time. A perfect choice for her first creation.


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