New Intel on TTSA & AATIP!


Coming soon! New and stunning discoveries on AATIP and their advertising outlet TTSA! The Belgian network is looking into the proceedings of TTSA and investigates further. The global UAP network considers this project to be a disclosure with a small ‘d’ and therefore important. While this is certainly the case, seeing the unique Naval footage on the UAP phenomenon and the scope on which TTSA drops this material into the public domain, we must remain careful and keep an overview.

Luis Elizondo, former head of the pentagon’s UFO project, is one of the leading team members of the TTSA. This shows how deep this project is embedded in the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). Other members all have ties with MIC or intelligence agencies. Jim Semivan (Vice President Operations) was a senior intelligence service member of the CIA. Since retirement, Mr. Semivan primarily worked as a consultant for the IC (Intelligence Community) on classified topics including IC leadership training, CIA tradecraft training and IC programs for countering weapons of mass destruction. Steve Justice (Aerospace Division Director) is the recently retired Program Director for Advanced Systems from lockheed Martin Advanced Development programs. This is better known as “Skunk Works”.

Luis Elizondo

Bart Bateman, Executive Director, of the BUFOC Transology project received a friendship request through messenger from ‘Thomas’ DeLonge, TTSA’s President & CEO. This was 17/10/2018. Upon accepting the friendship request no further communication followed. Most of the UFO Community believes this project will add tremendously to the ongoing Disclosure. Transology always stated that Disclosure is a process that takes time and agrees that AATIP its revelations will be an important part to the developments. It is almost certain that AATIP and TTSA will not be the only factor in the Disclosure process. Bart Bateman sees it more like an add-on to something that has been going on for quite some time now.

Seeing that this process shifted the official acronym from UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) indicates that this is an important undertaking. It could change the course of both the UFO Community and its overall investigation for good.


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