New BUFON Transology Articles Released!


There isn’t all that much publicity in northern Europe concerning the ongoing truth about UAPs and their official study. BUFON Transology is countering that by publishing more and more articles in the near future. Belgian press is way behind! Releasing materials on the topic on UFOs proves to be difficult. Therefore investigator and executive director Bart Bateman with scientist and secretary Frederik Goethals have coördinated with a dutch magazine ‘Spiegelbeeld’ in order to publish some crucial up-to-date materials.

The articles will run for months and explain not only the history on UAPs but also the latest info on AATIP and other current developments. Seeing that BUFON Transology is also connected with the UAP network worldwide, including top investigators, experiencers and officials, we could see these articles as drip-feeding in the low lands (NL, BE).


UAP Was Borrowed From the UK!

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