NATO Pilots Encounter UFOs On a Daily Basis!

French Air Force Mirage 2000 pilots leaving the tarmac at Albacete Air Force Base, Spain on November 02, 2015 during NATO exercise Trident Juncture 15. Photo: Cynthia Vernat, HQ AIRCOM PAO.

Experienced US NATO Pilot and four colleagues admit to having regular UFO sightings while training at the East Coast. Between the summer of 2014 and march 2019 these sightings were on a daily basis. The objects reached hypersonic speeds and could fly alltitudes up to 9km without any signs of engines. Lieutenant Ryan Graves was piloting an F/A-18 Super Hornet within the Navy for ten years. He informed the Pentagon and Congress about his experiences. “These things would be up in the sky the entire day”, explaines Graves. “This would be too long for normal planes”. Navy-spokesman Josh Gradisher admits to the New York Times that they can’t explain all sightings by Graves and colleagues. At one time Graves allmost collided with one of the UFOs. He describes it as a sphere around a cube. The UFO was inbetween two combat planes that were flying only 30m from each other. Further incidents show radical 90° turns of the objects. Humans would not survive these G-Forces.


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